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Room Reservations & Policies

Licensed Georgia attorneys may reserve any of the Bar Center's conference rooms on a first-come, first-served basis. Rooms are located on 3rd floor and sub-basement. There is no charge for law-related meetings (soft drinks and coffee are extra and are not provided for groups larger than 20). Conference Center hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Depending on individual needs, the 3rd floor can accommodate from 2 to 300 people. Members wishing to host events after hours will incur charges to include cleaning, security, heat/air, services of an engineer, etc. 

Other organizations and members of the public can rent space when it is not being used by State Bar members.

Click here to download the Bar's Movies, Videos, Photographs and Press Conferences Policy.

Click here to download a Conference Center Floor Plan (includes all rooms).

  • Auditorium: Classroom for 192
  • Conference A: Classroom for 92 people
  • Room 1: Conference for 20
  • Room 2: Conference for 12
  • Room 3: Classroom for 40
  • Room 4: Conference for 8
  • Room 5: Classroom for 32
  • Room 6: Depositions/Hearings for up to 10
  • YLD Presidents Boardroom: Conference for 18
  • Presidents Boardroom: Conference for 20
  • Mock Courtroom: Holds up to 42 spectators

Mediation Policy
Several requests have been received regarding using the Conference Center for mediations. If an attorney mediates for a commercial service (JAMS, Henning, AAA, etc.) or if he/she mediates as their primary means of practice, rent applies. If he/she conducts mediations as an occasional part of his/her law practice there is no rent charge.

Movies, Videos, Photographs and Press Conferences Policy
The State Bar Building, including its signage, is not available to members, the public, law firms, non-State Bar organizations and others for use in movies, videos, photographs and press conferences. This restriction may be waived by a majority of the five State Bar officers upon a showing of good cause. Requests for waivers should be in writing and contain a detailed description of the purpose, distribution, visual and text script, list of participants, list of equipment to be used, insurance coverage, and other information as requested by the State Bar's General Counsel and Executive Director.

Non-Bar Events
Non-Bar events are defined as events for attorneys or other parties that are not client related. Invoices will be sent once the event has been scheduled. Payment must be received in advance of the meeting. Space may be released if payment is not received by the appropriate date.

Teaching Events
Normally an attorney's use of the Conference Center for personal, non-professional activities includes a rental fee charge. However, when an attorney uses the Bar center for public law-related education purposes that is a non-commercial, non-profit activity, then space is offered free of charge. Groups must still pay for food and drink.